Best Cheap Hotels and Restaurants For Students to Eat in London!

June 19th, 2015

Hotels and Restaurants in London

From Asian-inspired to Middle-Eastern restaurants, British to vegan cafes, London is the place to eat for the best bargain restaurants! There are many Hotels and Restaurants that offer best quality cheap food that is ideal for students.

Whether you’re a student from the UK or an international student, you will love the recommendations of budgeted restaurants that we have for you today. If you like a local meal or something more daring, you won’t have to dig in deep to your wallet.

Look no further! we’ve found the best places to eat in London, just for you!

Baozi Inn

is for those that like a spicy meal with a street food feel to it. This Chinatown cafe brings queues of eager beavers in to the place to have a taste of their tongue-numbing dishes! So, if you like your spice, noodles and dumplings, this is the place to be! A meal for two, with drinks and service comes to around £25. A satisfying meal deal for any student!

Cafe Below

is a vegetarian cafe set in a Wren church. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to please all! The food has a rustic type feel to it and gets a bit pricier in the evening. However, the portions are hefty so it’s all worthwhile for the bit of extra cash! For two it can come up to £30-£45 all together.

Berwick Street Market

is in the middle of Soho, the street is home to the food market with fresh produce everyday! With many stalls selling fresh takeaway meals of a range of cuisines all week, you’ll expect the place packed all the time. You will find food such as – falafel, burritos, burgers, juice bars, curries, sandwiches and much more! You’ll be spoilt for choice and with prices around £5-£8 each!

Daddy Donkey

This place is like a burrito bar, with its high counters and bar stools in a corner shop. Full of flavoursome wraps of meat, beans and seasonings to tingle those taste buds. The queues get really long around lunchtime but it’s all worth it once you taste their burritos, tacos or tostadas for around £25 for food, drinks and service, for two.


is a place to go if you’re not sure what cuisine you want but want it at a bargain price! Ethos is a buffet restaurant with food inspired from Japan, South-east Asia, Italy, Korea, India, Mexico, Lebanon and many more! At lunch you can get 100g of nourishment for £2.50! It will be a mini adventure through all the different cuisines at a restaurant that has it all!

Jerk City

is an authentic Caribbean restaurant of food and is a hit with cash-poor students. Lunch time is the busiest and best time to go. Choose from big portions of chicken, mutton, steak, oxtail, ackee and saltfish and stewed fish in rich flavours with rotis and rice and peas. So much to choose from you’ll want to come every day to try everything! Meals for two with drinks and service come to around £30, a bargain for those big portions, packed full of flavour!

There are many more places to eat in London that serve at a bargain price, if I wrote them all down, you’d be reading this forever!

If you know of any, please share on the comment box below or ask me for a place that serves your favourite cuisine and I’ll be sure to name a couple of places to go, on those student budgets!

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