Top 10 Agricultural Institutes in the UK

March 14th, 2015
Top 10 Agricultural Universities in the UK

UK has some of the worlds best Agricultural colleges and Universities. Lets have a look at few of them.

Agricultural qualifications are provided at universities and colleges in the UK and are worth studying to endow you with an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Agriculture is a fascinating subject and is great for those that like to be outdoors and have an interest in science and running a business. Farming is a major part of the UK and has become even more important, so these courses have become essential and useful when working in this industry.

There are specialist subjects in this field which means you can choose a subject that is particular to you and your interests. Some examples of subjects in the field are –

  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Agriculture History
  • Agriculture Marketing
  • Environmentalism
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Crop science
  • Horticulture
  • Floristry
  • Agriculture Science
  • Crop production

On the course you can expect a lot of outdoor activities and walking! So be prepared and have all the equipment and suitable clothing you would need. Some institutes organise paid placements on farms e.g. Royal Agricultural College and Harpers College and some have their own out-of-town campuses like University of Nottingham. This university also offers European Studies degree so students can gain an extra language to work in another country. As well as this, University of Cumbria runs a Forestry and Woodland Management degree and a Masters degree in Forest Ecosystems Management. A range of options for students to concentrate on and fields to follow and after this degree you will have many more skills and have the knowledge to take it on as a career.

Most of these courses last for three years and some universities expect you to have some work experience before starting this course. To apply for this higher level course, some science based A-levels will be needed however, it is best to check your chosen institute of study and see what they particularly require from you. Then after getting through your first year of the degree, you can choose specifically what field in agriculture you would like to go in to for your second year modules.

By doing this course you can have a lot of job opportunities for when you finish or you could go on to do an MSc or PhD qualification. Many careers fields can be found in this industry, such as; production, food education, farming, communication, health and safety, government agencies, charities, gamekeeping, consultancy, country park management, supporting farming within a company and environmentally focused charities and businesses.

Here is the top 10 list of agricultural institutes in the UK

These institutes are ranked by

  1. Reading University
  2. Writtle College
  3. Myerscough College
  4. Hadlow College
  5. Hertfordshire University
  6. Harper Adams University
  7. Royal Agricultural University
  8. Nottingham University
  9. Bishop Burton College
  10. Newcastle University

There are many others and are all worth having a look in to, to see what suits you more to earn your qualification in the UK.

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