Top 10 Medical Universities in the UK

March 24th, 2015
Top 10 Medical Universities in the UK

UK has some of the worlds best Medical colleges and Universities. Lets have a look at few of them.

The UK has many universities that provide Medical degrees. Number of these universities are counted among the top class institutions in the world. However here we are presenting the top 10 universities offering Medical courses –

These institutes are ranked by

  1. Cambridge University
  2. University College London
  3. Oxford University
  4. Queens Mary University
  5. Aberdeen University
  6. Glasgow University
  7. Birmingham University
  8. Edinburgh University
  9. Newcastle University
  10. Manchester University

What is the Criteria of rating these Universities?

Despite the presence of many other universities offering medical subjects, these ten universities have been ranked the top ones in the UK from statistics of entry standards, student satisfaction, research assessment, graduate prospects and overall. Each of these universities would provide great tuition and learning opportunities for each student and all in great locations.

Process of application in these Medical Universities

The application process can be overwhelming when applying from international countries so you will need to check your academic qualifications are accepted at your chosen university, by making sure you check the university websites admission requirements. Also, you should apply early to give yourself enough time to be thorough and precise in your application process as well as your personal statement as this will show the university the type of person you are. You will also need an academic reference and make sure all these documents match up.

After this, you will be invited for an interview where you should be prepared, dressed formally and talk clearly to make a good impression. A helpful tip is to do some research on your course and the university in-case of any questions and to show you have some great knowledge on where you want to be. Being an international student applying for a UK medicine degree, it is good to do some research on the UK health system because this is what you will be taught and trained in to and lastly, be committed and stay motivated to make yourself stand out in the interview and don’t forget, show your passion for your chosen path and any future plans you may have to attract them to accepting you.

So, which University will you apply to?

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