Which UK university can you study History?

March 26th, 2015
Search History in UK Universities

Studying History can be interesting and rewarding at the same time. There are many reputed institutions in the UK where you can pursue the course in History.

If you’re thinking of studying a history degree at a UK university then you’re in luck! There are many universities that offer this degree, along with joining your history degree to another subject like politics or a language. Such universities are

  • Durham University
  • Cambridge University
  • Oxford University
  • St Andrews University
  • London school of Economics
  • Warwick University
  • University College London
  • Exeter University
  • Kings College London
  • Bristol University

There are many more Universities in the UK that can help you earn your degree and provide you with the right equipment and resources to study your course.

Studying History. Interesting, isn’t it?

Study of history involves world events such as wars, political shifts and studying various sources like articles, images and objects. You will get to study the ins and outs of many historical events and doing so by attending lectures, taking part in tutorials and researching to write up essays and dissertations. Studying history will offer you the chance at looking in to different cultures and eras so you can earn some skills and learn how to interpret information, debate and communicate through a written essay.

Qualification for Studying History in the UK

Most universities require you have a history qualification like an A-level to apply for the degree course. Also, most other qualifications can be accepted when applying for a history degree especially a humanities subject because they go even further to showing your essay writing skills as would an English qualification. It can also depend on which university you want to apply to as each one can have different requirements so it is best to look in to their prospectus. For example; De Montford University ask for 280 UCAS points and a C grade in History where as Cambridge University ask for A* or AA grades to apply for a history degree.

Career Opportunities after Studying History in the UK

After successfully earning your degree you will be qualified to apply for a job in all sorts of different places. The skills you’ve earned will suit careers such as journalism, PR, publishing etc however, if you have studied something more specific you could consider looking in to working at a museum or going in to research. To do this you may need to earn a Master’s degree or PhD which you can study at many UK Universities after earning your History degree.

Your Choice

So, where are you going to apply? Are you going to join your degree with another subject? What do you want to specialise in? Research as much as you can and visit the universities websites to see what they can offer you and talk to the tutors and students so you can make a choice of where you would like to earn your history degree for a brighter, promising future.

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